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Object *Browsing of sales price/campaign price
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[EN]*Optional Thermal Printer for TruCheck USB

Product No:2860914
Thermal Printer for TruCheck USB (USB type/thermal roll paper)
Model #TSP743II

Detailed Specification
Includes power supply cable and 2 rolls of paper

Model TSP743II Autocutter Version
Printing Method Direct Thermal line
Print Speed Max 250mm/s or 53 receipt per minute
Print Direction Unidirectional with friction feed (Backfeed is available)
Paper Feed Speed Max.250mm/s
Printing Width 80mm(82.5mm paper); 72mm (80mm paper); 52mm (58mm paper)

Character Matrix 9x24 / 12x24 / 16x24 / 24x24
Character set ANK / GB2312 / Big5 / Japanese / Korean
Barcode 9 sets of 1 D barcode; PDF417; QR Code
Code page 40 Code pages + 1 Blank

Paper Specifications:
Width 82.5;0.5mm; 79.5;0.5mm; 57.5;0.5mm
Roll Diameter Max. 100mm
Thickness 0.065 to 0.15mm
2-Color Print Capability Black & Red; Black & Blue (Special Thermal Paper)
Sensor BM/PE detection by 1 sensor; 2 cover open switch sensors; 2 Near End Sensors (Vertical & Horizontal Orientation)
Emulation Star Mode; ESC/POS™ Emulation
Interface RS232C (Serial); Parallel; USB 2.0; Ethernet; Bluetooth; WebPRNT

Mechanism 20 million lines
MCBF 60 million lines
Print Head 150 million character
Autocutter 2 million cuts
Overall Dimensions 142 (W) x 199 (D) x 132 (H) mm
Weight 1.75Kg

Printer Media: Thermal roll paper
MOQ: 10 rolls/1 box

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