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[EN]Stratix Xaminer eZ-2D Portable 2D Imager Verifier

Product No:2860318
An Affordable 2D Verifier – PC Based & Easy to Use
The Xaminer eZ-2D verifier from Stratix provides a reasonably priced verification solution for your 2D bar codes. Supporting Data Matrix (ECC-200) and QR Code, the Xaminer eZ-2D used in combination with the Xaminer Elite IS Plus will satisfy all your verification needs. Simply install the verification software and connect the verifier to an existing PC and you’re ready to go. Equipped with an adjustable stand, the Xaminer eZ-2D verifier accommodates bar codes printed on a variety of substrates in all shapes and sizes. Finally a 2D verifier that keeps you up to date with technology without breaking the bank!

Detailed Specification
・ Most affordable 2D verifier on the market
・ PC based – Easy to Setup & Use
・ Supports QR Code & DataMatrix (ECC-200)
・ Partial ISO/IEC grading (ISO/IEC 16022, ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15426-2, ISO/IEC 18004)
・ Calibrated to GS1 Data Matrix Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card (NIST Traceable)
・ Field of View Options:
・ Stand Position 1 – 1.10″ x 1.10″ (Min. X Dimension 10 mils)
・ Stand Position 2 – 1.30″ x 1.30″ (Min. X Dimension 15 mils)

Bar Code Verified: QR Code/DataMatrix (ECC-200)

USB Cable
Carry Case
CD's with Software & Installation Guide
Calibration Check Card
Calibration Certificate

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