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[EN]RJS Inspector D4000L

Product No:2860317
The Model D4000 Provides the Two Most Popular Types of Verification: ANSI/ISO Method and/or Point-and-Shoot Traditional Method. This unique portable bar code verifier can interface with either the patented RJS Auto-Optic scan head or a laser scanner to provide nine different optic configurations. The scanners are easily installed by the user, which makes the unit quickly adaptable to practically any verification requirement.

• Meets ANSI/ISO specifications regarding verification methods
• Auto-Optic scan head that allows menu selections for four aperture sizes and two light wavelengths
• Scan Reflectance Profile Available via Printer or Comm Port
• Auto-discriminates between all popular symbologies
• Bidirectional scanning
• Traditional analysis also provided

Detailed Specification
Modes of Operation
• ANSI Mode(D4000A); all ANSI method parameters, application compliance, plus traditional analyses
• Laser Mode(D4000L); traditional parameters (except reflectance), data comparison, percent decode
• Code 39; USS, w/mod43, AIAG B-1, B3/4/5/10, LOGMARS, HIBC,UPC/EAN including 2 and 5 digit
• supplemental codes,Code 128; USS, UCC/EAN 128 (see Unique ANSI and Laser Mode Features)
• USS Codabar,Interleaved 2 of 5; USS, Case Code, w/ Mod 10 Check Digit
• Auto-discrimination between symbologies
• Store and Print capability
• Bi-directional scanning
• Multiple scan averaging
User Interface
• Simple 4 button: On, Print, Select, Enter
• 4-line LCD
• 5 LED’s - indicate average bar deviation (both modes)
• Audible tones indicate pass/fail results, low battery
Optional Accessories
• Printer: TP140A
• Battery charger (can be AC power supply w/batteries out of unit)
Unique ANSI Mode Features:(D4000A Only)
• Auto-Optic Scanner: Two available models; 3, 5, 10, 20 mil or 3, 6, 10, 20 mil
• Two light wavelengths: 660 and 925 nm
• GS1-128 Application Identifier (AI) data format check; AI 00 and 01 only
Unique Laser Mode Features:(D4000L Only)
• Percent of Decode displayed on lower two LCD lines (Continuous setting only)
• GS1-128 Application Identifier data format check; all AI per current specifications
• Store and print and/or database capability; 20K bytes non-volatile memory programmable in 5K byte
• segments

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