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[EN]Stratix Laser Xaminer Elite IS(#9020)

Product No:2860258
・ Xaminer meets the American National Standard Institute "Guideline for Bar Code Quality(ANSI X3.182) method for verification.

・ It also meets ISO/IEC15415, 15416 (JISx0520) specifications regarding verification methods

・ Stratix Windows based SVS Analysis Software for your PC or laptop to give you a graphic depiction of bar codes and help you identify problem areas,

・ Optional Direct Thermal Bar code printers for on-demand verification reports.

・ Dual ANSI mode verifier with integrated laser scanner.

・ Allows user to choose between Full ANSI mode (table top stand required) and Partial ANSI mode (point & shoot operation).

・ Optional 6, 10, or 20 mil wands can be added as well.

Bar Code Verified: UPC/EAN,EAN/UCC128,Code128,Code39,I2of5,Codabar,Code93 Laetus Phamacode

Detailed Specification
1D Laser Scanner:
Light Source: 650nm visible laser diode
Scan Angle: 40° ± 2°
Scan Patterns: Linear
Minimum Print contrast: 20% absolute dark/light reflectance

Performance Characteristics
CPU: Motorola Coldfire
Operating System: Proprietary
Memory: 8MB (250 Scans)
Interface/Communications: Serial RS232

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 3.25 in.D x 3.75in. H 82.55mm D x 95.25mm W x 203.2mm H
Weight: 14oz (400grams)
Display: LCD, 128 x 64 (8 rows x 20 columns)
Power: 4 AA batteries or AC Power Supply
Notification: LEDs for ANSI grade & Bar Tolerance
Keypad: 22 Key Numeric

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